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October 6, 2021

Is there a massive price tag associated with this item? You might be thinking, ‘That doesn’t sound like an acoustic guitar for beginners.’ While we normally don’t recommend electro-acoustics for beginners, the Taylor Academy 12e is one of those guitars we couldn’t pass up.

The A12e is a tantalizing proposition from Taylor’s Academy series, which is designed to provide novices with a more inexpensive opportunity to experience a Taylor.


A collection of all-around amazing hardware is included with the awesome appearance and feel.

While we aren’t generally fans of electronics on beginner guitars, the Taylor (pickup, and preamp) dazzle and give beginners a purpose to learn — just image performances on this thing!

To be fair, the preamp keeps things simple for newcomers by only having volume and tone control knobs rather than sophisticated EQ controls.

There’s also a built-in digital tuner, which keeps you in tune every time. However, the chrome tuning machines on the headstock are also quite good at this, so you won’t need to use the tuner very often.

A fine ebony bridge, a micarta nut and saddle, a set of light Elixir strings, and a Taylor cushioned gig bag are among the other features of the A12e. It also looks very appealing.

Body & Neck

In a nutshell, the A12e is a super-stylish Grand Concert acoustic with a scale length of 24.87”. The body is manufactured from a grade robust Sapele laminate on the back and sides, as well as a stunning solid Sitka spruce top, and adheres to Taylor’s design requirement for this instrument to be easy to carry, durable, and “not too precious.” The A12e has a touch of mahogany on the top, as well as an ergonomic armrest, making it a very pleasant guitar to carry.

With a beginner’s guitar costing over $500, we expected a faultless playing experience, which the Sapele neck delivers. The fretboard on this neck is real African ebony, with 20 frets.

Despite its high price, this guitar gives beginners a great playing experience: it’s smooth, comfortable, lightweight, durable, and quick. There’s no denying the quality of the work. Although it’s one of Taylor’s entry-level models, it outperforms the majority of other beginner-friendly guitars.


The tone is of usual Taylor quality and sounds fantastic. The sturdy spruce and Sapele combine for a lively and well-balanced tone that sings with equal parts warmth and brilliance.

While the pickup isn’t high-end, it’s worth putting in and performing when you’ve learned your first songs because it has a lot of projection acoustically. What the preamp lacks in variety, it makes up for in simplicity, which beginners will appreciate.

The A12e is Taylor’s entry-level guitar, although it outperforms even some higher-end models from other manufacturers. This is confirmed by the exorbitant price tag. Of course, in some ways, you are paying a premium for the name, but you never feel cheated — the playability, comfort, tone, and whole experience of learning on a Taylor is priceless.

Taylor Academy 12e Review + Demo

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