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October 7, 2021

Yamaha’s FG series is one of the most famous and well-known acoustic guitar lines ever, one of them being the Yamaha FG830 at a later time frame. But, at one point, the FG was the most popular acoustic guitar in the world, which is an incredible achievement.

Since the original FG was introduced in the mid-’60s, Yamaha has improved their production method numerous times.
These guitars are now made with a combination of decades of knowledge and automation. The Yamaha FG830 looks to be your ordinary entry-level acoustic guitar when you glance at the specs sheet, but it’s a little more intriguing than that.

Yamaha FG830
Yamaha FG830 Dreadnought Natural


Yamaha used their own software to determine the optimal bracing plan for this guitar based on all of the materials and measurements. They have, without a doubt, hit gold. Having said that, it’s important to note that this is still a factory acoustic guitar. This implies that after you get it, you may need to do some work.

Luthiers continue to outperform machines in terms of intonation and setup, and this is unlikely to alter very soon. Just be aware that you may need to contact your local guitar expert for some hardware tuning.

Body & Neck – Yamaha FG830

A strong Sitka Spruce top is unrivaled. However, when the back and sides are Rosewood, this Yamaha begins to appear to be a much more costly instrument as you approach closer. The body style is a conventional Dreadnought, which happens to be one of the most popular at the present.

For an acoustic in this price level, the neck and profile are rather pleasant and smooth. Die-cast tuners and a beautiful Rosewood bridge are included with this guitar.

While it isn’t the most attractive bridge in the world, this Yamaha design does the job admirably. The FG830’s specifically built bracing is one feature that truly puts it in perspective.

Yamaha FG830 – Sound

While it seems and feels reasonably priced, the Yamaha FG830 does not sound that way. There’s a lot of that classic Dreadnought sound here, but the tone is pure excellence at its heart. This Yamaha is unquestionably a force to be reckoned with in this price bracket, thanks to its rich projection and plenty of overtones.

One of my greatest concerns with this model was the level of support it provided. Thankfully, my fears were allayed when the instrument was released. Whether you’re a novice or searching for a used guitar to replace one of our top-tier acoustics, the Yamaha FG830 will meet your needs.

Given the FG series’ lengthy history, it’s no surprise that Yamaha has produced yet another outstanding successor. They’ve managed to take an entry-level guitar to a whole new level by employing some fairly complex technology. While it does have certain drawbacks, the Yamaha FG830 is a tough opponent for just about any challenge you can find in the same price range, if not a little above.

Yamaha FG830 Review + Demo

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