Blueridge Guitars 6 String Acoustic Guitar, Right Handed, Dreadnaught Sitka (BR-160)

  • Clean articulation and a clear tone are provided by a solid Sitka spruce top with scalloped bracing.
  • The back and sides are made of solid Santos rosewood for deep bass and cutting power.
  • The slim mahogany neck provides quick, simple action as well as long-term stability.
  • The fingerboard is made of premium Santos rosewood for silky smooth playing.
  • Every Blueridge now comes with an original Blueridge trademark gig bag that is both durable and cushioned.
Brand Blueridge Guitars
Top Material Type Spruce
Body Material Spruce; East India Rosewood
Back Material Type Rosewood
Neck Material Type Mahogany
Fretboard Material Type Rosewood
Hand Orientation Right
Guitar Bridge System Fixed
Scale Length 25 5/8″
Number of Strings 6

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Blueridge’s BR-160 acoustic guitar looks to be well-made and designed. The vintage concept will appeal to some people, while others will not. In terms of sheer performance and value for money, this wonderful acoustic guitar, on the other hand, scores pretty high. With a correct setup and a solid set of strings, the BR-160 has the potential to be a great performer.

Blueridge Grand Ole Opry

Traditional American-inspired design assures that vintage tone!

The Historic Series of Blueridge guitars, with their classic vintage appearance and current advancements in playability and construction, offer all the conventional qualities normally found on costly vintage guitars, but at an astonishingly low price! The Historic Series blends more easily available tonewoods from Canada for an already broken-in, vintage flavored tone, taking influences from guitars manufactured in the years after WWII to the present. These guitars are genuinely professional-quality instruments, with narrow, fast-playing necks and simple action—yet they are affordable to students and amateurs! Our best models include elegant pearl and abalone inlay on the peghead, fingerboard, and all borders, as well as the finest solid East Indian rosewood and solid Sitka Spruce. All tops are expertly braced with the same forward-X bracing seen on expensive Prewar Originals, and the tone of our new guitars is very similar to that of those ancient masterworks.

Traditional herringbone binding on the top and back strip, as well as delicate, elegant pearl inlay on the fingerboard and peghead, distinguish our mid-line. Mahogany guitars are known for their strength and clarity, making them suitable for both lead and rhythm playing. A thin mahogany neck with an adjustable truss rod ensures precise alignment on every Historic Series guitar.

Body Wood Selections

Tonewoods such as Adirondack and high-end Brazilian rosewoods were no longer accessible for acoustic guitar manufacture after WWII. Due to over-forestation and other causes, guitar manufacturers were urged to seek out more plentiful tonewoods that would perform equally as well. We utilize Sitka spruce for the top in this series to impart an already aged tone that has made it the most popular top wood used by any manufacturer to date. Santos rosewood was used to replace South American rosewood on the backs and sides, as well as more easily accessible mahogany species.

Santos rosewood is the most frequent fingerboard and bridge material used in more contemporary acoustic guitars manufactured by the greatest, traditional American manufacturers. Its qualities are ideal for usage in various applications since it is extremely durable, looks fantastic, and contributes to any instrument’s desired but complex tone.

Traditional construction techniques utilized in the manufacture of antique instruments throughout the Golden Era of instrument production, it goes without saying, have stood the test of time. As a result, Blueridge sticks to conventional techniques of construction and uses the sought-after forward-shifted X-brace design for the top. This series, on the other hand, has a more contemporary nut width of 1 11/16” to make fingering simpler for current players.

What makes each Blueridge guitar unique may be discovered in the small nuances. Rosewood backs and sides are paired with classic white binding and delicate herringbone or exotic abalone purfling in this series, while mahogany backs and sides are paired with Black ABS binding. For that distinctive appearance, the Dalmatian tortoise pickguard is also employed.



6 reviews for Blueridge BR-160 | Pro Acoustic Guitar

  1. Skyler Mack

    The best value for money. This guitar is fantastic if you’re searching for a sub-$1000 guitar. It sounds bright and loud all the way up and down the neck and plays nicely.

  2. Trevor Stanton

    After reading a few reviews about theirs arriving damaged, I was hesitant to purchase it online. Mine arrived today in one piece, nicely packed in its soft case (which is extremely lovely by the way). It was re-stringed, the bridge pins were replaced with tusk ivory, and the action was reduced somewhat. This guitar sounds incredible, and I’m really pleased with my purchase thus far.

  3. Shayna Duncan

    The bad news first: this guitar is produced in China. It looks and sounds fantastic if you can get beyond that. I can’t think of a better option if you’re like me and don’t have $3k on hand for the actual stuff.

  4. Dorian

    Excellent tonewoods have been used to construct this guitar. The only problem is that the action is very high. This guitar is incredible, and with the action decreased, it can be played by anybody from beginners to professionals.

  5. Jovanny Richards

    It came in the manufacturer’s box, which was well-packed with packing material, as well as a good padded gig bag (I am buying a hard case for it). It was undamaged upon arrival. The thickness of the surface was probably one of the most common concerns in reviews, and although it has a high gloss finish, it wasn’t quite as terrible as I expected. The setup was good, but the action was a little too high. The fifth and seventh frets are a touch too high and should be lowered. The nut slots, especially on the treble strings, will need to be filed a little. Those are minor concerns, and the guitar plays perfectly right out of the box, but I’ll have my luthier address them as well as install a compensated saddle.

    Because the factory-installed D’Addario phosphor bronze lights on these guitars, I immediately replaced them with D’Addario medium phosphor bronze strings.

    So, how does it work in practice? It sounds fantastic. There’s a lot of volume here, and it lasts a long time. The tone is full and rich, with a lot of sustain. When compared against a friend’s late-90s D-28, it comes out on top. The Martin has a better sound. Filter, which makes it richer and rounder, but just slightly. The Blueridge is a little rougher, but not by much. It’s possible that this is due to Martin’s age. It’s also possible that the Blueridge is now made of Santos rosewood (which apparently is not a true rosewood). However, I feel that with time, this guitar will mature into a beautiful instrument. There are some intonation problems up the neck, particularly on the treble strings, but the setup work I indicated before should fix that.

    If money weren’t an issue, I’d go for the Martin D-28, but for a third of the price, this instrument comes very close.

  6. AGD User

    Awesome tone

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