D’Addario Assorted Pearl Celluloid Guitar Picks, 10 Pack, Medium

  • Celluloid of superior grade has a natural feel and a warm, fat tone.
  • Medium gauge (70mm) is ideal for strumming as well as expressive picking.
  • Standard shape for comfortable playing
  • Each package has ten picks.
  • The D’Addario pick packaging is designed for minimal waste and environmental impact
Color Assorted
Size 10-pack
Guitar Pick Thickness Medium
Style Medium



Guitar picks may appear to be a basic tool, but D’Addario/Planet Waves has made it easier than ever to select the ideal pick for your playing style with a variety of materials, shapes, and colors to choose from. The following chart can assist you in distinguishing between various forms, materials, and tonal qualities.

Pick Shape:

D’Addario/Planet Waves provides three pick shapes, each with its unique set of benefits:

Regular Picks Regular Picks Regular Picks
Standard – The standard shape is by far the most popular for picking and strumming because it provides ample surface for a solid grip while still having a more defined tip for good note articulation. For a softer assault and warmer tone, many players flip the pick around and use the rounded edge. Wide – Wide picks are comfortable to grip and provide numerous picking regions by turning the pick when one edge wears down. Jazz – Pick control and articulation are at their peak with jazz-shaped picks like our Black Ice Picks. The pick’s compact size and sharp-shaped tip enable it to respond quickly and provide a bright tone with great note definition. Jazz, progressive rock, and metal guitarists all love this choice.

D'Addario Celluloid Picks

D’Addario Pearl Celluloid Picks

Today, celluloid is one of the most common materials for guitar picks. Celluloid, which comes in a range of forms, hues, and thicknesses, is recognized for its natural feel and warm, fat tone. Celluloid, a man-made substance, was originally used as a replacement for genuine tortoiseshell picks in the early 1900s. Our Pearl Celluloid Assortments are a popular option among our customers.

Celluloid Natural Feel and Warm Tone
Natural Feel and Warm Tone

Celluloid is recognized for its warm, fat tone and natural feel.

Celluloid Multipacks Available
Multipacks Available
10 packs, 25 packs, and 100 packs of D’Addario pearl celluloid guitar picks are available.
Wide Variety of Gauges Available
Wide Variety of Gauges

Pearl celluloid guitar picks come in four different gauges.
Light (.50mm), Medium (.70mm), Heavy (1.0mm), and Extra Heavy (1.0mm) are the gauges available (1.25mm)

Wide Variety of Styles Available
Wide Variety of Styles

There are many different forms, patterns, and thicknesses to choose from.

1 review for D’Addario Assorted Pearl Celluloid Guitar Picks, 10 Pack, Medium

  1. Lawrence Mason

    As I strummed the first chord, the pick felt at ease in my hand. The PA system’s strength made the stage tremble behind me. I’d never felt so lively from a pluck before. As I went to the second chord, the audience watched intently. But I realized I’d made a mistake as soon as it became clear that I was performing a jazz-fusion-inspired remix of freebird at the gun show.

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