Fender Malibu Classic – California Series Acoustic Guitar – Hot Rod Red Metallic with Gig Bag

  • The Malibu body form is unique to Fender.
  • Solid Sitka Spruce top with a painted finish; natural solid mahogany back and sides
  • The pickup/preamp system was created by Fender and Fishman.
  • The Deluxe Gig Bag is included.
  • There is a warranty provided.
Brand Fender
Color Hot Rod Red Metallic
Top Material Type Spruce
Body Material Mahogany
Back Material Type Mahogany Wood
Neck Material Type Mahogany
Fretboard Material Type Morado
Guitar Pickup Configuration Piezoelectric
Guitar Bridge System Fixed
Number of Strings 6


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Fender California Series

True innovation, like the exhilarating sound and feel of the Malibu Classic, demands originality. The unusual small-body form’s short scale gives it a “slinkier” feel, allowing you to experiment with new chords and melodies. It boasts a fully-painted solid Sitka spruce top and natural solid mahogany back and sides, as well as a matching, painted 6-in-line headstock with koa binding and rosette.

The Malibu Classic is a great collaborator on stage and in the studio because of its strong design and balanced, clear tone. The Malibu Classic radiates elegance and sophistication in a unique design that will attract attention everywhere you go. Its no-compromise approach is reflected in its top-notch construction quality, which includes enhanced bracing for decreased bulk and improved resonance, as well as an updated bone nut and saddle for long-lasting sustain. It also has a superior Fender and Fishman-designed preamp system voiced particularly for the Malibu’s body shape, enabling you to connect to an amplifier without compromising the guitar’s inherent tone.

The lightweight mahogany neck has a slim-taper “C”-shaped profile that is comfortable and simple to play for any playing style, and the Pau Ferro fingerboard and bridge add to the instrument’s deep tone. The Malibu Classic defies expectations and stands out in a sea of conventional acoustics because of its outstanding playability, unique aesthetics, and signature Fender feel.

Fender California Series

To create the California Series, we combined our electric guitar DNA with excellent acoustic playability and tone, inspired by the California lifestyle—colorful, lively, and independent.
California Series guitars feature an unusual, electric-inspired design that jumps out, making them as unique as the musicians that play them. They’re “eye-catchingly” attractive and distinctly Fender, with a strong, contemporary spin on conventional acoustic aesthetics.

5 reviews for Fender California Newporter Classic | Pro Acoustic Guitar

  1. Guitar Guru

    I should start off by stating I bought this for a pretty amazing bargain through Amazon Warehouse (almost 60 percent off), so my review could be a bit skewed compared to if I spent the full price.
    Of course, I’d also have bought a new guitar instead of a used one and had a guarantee, so there’s something to consider, too. I should also mention that I tried the Newporter Player and Newporter Special, both of which were on sale via Amazon Warehouse, and I was unimpressed by both of them (maybe I simply don’t like the Newporter shape?). Later on, I’ll get to the Malibu form).
    Two finish cracks on either side of the input jack (they didn’t go through to the mahogany — I checked inside — and haven’t spread since I got the guitar 7 months ago, and I play standing with a strap putting pressure on that area daily, so purely cosmetic) got it discounted.

  2. A7X_me

    Excellent guitar that sounds amazing and is simple to play. It comes with everything you need to get started. While it would be ideal for a novice, it is definitely on the costly side for someone purchasing their first guitar.

  3. AGD User

    Because I got it from an Amazon Warehouse, it had a few flaws that I wouldn’t anticipate in a typical sample. It’s a fantastic guitar to play, it sounds fantastic, it’s all wood with no laminate, and the neck feels like a Fender Strat neck. Although a hard shell would have been preferable, it comes with a durable gig bag. This is a “bright” sounding guitar that isn’t very boomy, but it also doesn’t sound like a tin can – I believe the video examples of this instrument correctly depict its sound. It’s a fantastic instrument!

  4. Martin

    The tone and sustain are fantastic. It has a great action. The tuner might be fickle at times.

  5. Timothy Uba

    I’m a musician that has a lot of gigs. In addition to my Martin, I needed a backup guitar. The pricing, as well as the hot rod red color and iconic Fender headstock, were all extremely appealing to me on this Fender. It’s not a Martin, but I’ve played it at a few concerts and it’s a beast! That’s something I’m looking for. Because one of the original strings broke, I replaced them all with Martin strings, which made it even better for me. The neck has a nice, effortless feel about it. I didn’t need to build up the action since it unfolded naturally. And, hey, it’s a beautiful instrument to look at!

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