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Schecter Hellraiser C-1 Electric Guitar (Black Cherry)

  • Set-Neck w/ Ultra Access
  • Mahogany Body
  • Quilted Maple Top
  • EMG Active 81TW/89 pickups
  • Gothic cross inlays
  • Abalone Binding w/ BLK/WHT/BLK Multi-ply
Brand Schecter
Color BCH
Top Material Type Quilted Maple
Body Material Wood
Back Material Type Mahogany
Neck Material Type Maple
Fretboard Material Type Maple
Guitar Pickup Configuration H
String Material Type Steel
Hand Orientation Right




Schecter Guitar Research is one of the world’s leading guitar manufacturers, with electric guitars and basses, acoustic guitars, and USA Custom Shop instruments available to artists in over 150 countries. It has continuously improved and enlarged its line of guitars and basses over the past 35 years to cater to a wide range of players and musical genres. Schecter is dedicated to providing inexpensive, high-quality instruments with professional components.

Schecter guitars have become somewhat of a metal music benchmark. Their Hellraiser C1 has provided metalheads all around the world with the ideal tool for expressing their feelings. It wasn’t long before it was dubbed one of the greatest metal guitars under $1000.

When you plug the Hellraiser C1 into a good amp or run it through a good distortion pedal, you’ll notice how amazing this instrument is. We’ve already said that it’s a metal guitar, and this is correct. With only your distortion pedal or filthy channel, you can get a really polished and saturated tone out of this instrument.

The Hellraiser series has lifted the standard on sight, sound, quality, and price since its debut in 2006. Hellraiser guitars are as flexible as they are gorgeous, thanks to active EMG 81TW/89 pickups. The Dual Mode “split” tone offers you plenty of freedom to fine-tune your tone while still looking great. The Hellraiser series provides something for everyone, with choices ranging from 6 to 9 strings.

Hellraiser C-1, directed by Sylvester Stallone, lives up to its name. Not just because of its flaming red quilted maple top, but also because of its screaming hot EMG active pickups, set mahogany neck, gothic cross inlays, and much more—ideal it’s for both seasoned and aspiring shredders.

It gets the job done whether you’re like more contemporary, heavier metal, or just traditional metal. Hellraiser C1, on the other hand, has a lot more to offer. It’s not only feasible, but also extremely genuine, to dial in a filthy, bluesy overdrive. The EMG 81TX, which has a touch more girth and flexibility than its cousin, is primarily responsible for this remarkable range. This guitar has lots of potentials.

The Schecter Hellraiser C1 is the sort of guitar that excels at one thing while still being able to handle just about anything you throw at it. This is the guitar to choose if you want a little of a harsher ax, but also have days when you need to tone things back a touch.

3 reviews for Schecter Hellraiser C-1 Electric Guitar

  1. Taylor W.

    I was anticipating a low-cost knockoff. This is actually a really good instrument.

  2. Caleb Bass

    This guitar was purchased for my daughter. She adores the way it looks. I took it to a luthier, who changed the intonation, bridge pickup height, and action to my liking. It’s incredible how beautiful the guitar now plays. Most new guitars should be sent to a competent and experienced expert for inspection and setup, which costs approximately $50 in this case and is well worth it. We’re overjoyed, and this instrument is now ready for any public performance. Thank you, Amazon and Schecter.

  3. Travis Mitchell

    I’m overjoyed with my instrument! In both humbucker and single coil configurations, it sounds fantastic. Has a lot of endurance. Right out of the box, the setup was fantastic. The fingerboard is fast and smooth. The guitar has a beautiful polish that makes it stand out on the shelf. It’s a light and enjoyable thing to play. Both EMG pickups produce a powerful, clear tone. These are active pickups that are powered by a 9v battery. Always disconnect the audio cable from the instrument after usage to extend the battery life. When the cable is plugged in, the pickups appear to be energized.

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