Silvertone Classic 1478 BK Electric Guitar, Gloss black

  • Vintage vibe with a great playing neck
  • Bigsby Trem System
  • Tune-O-Matic bridge lets you play in tune
Brand Silvertone
Color Gloss Black
Top Material Type Rose Wood, Mahogany
Body Material Wood
Back Material Type Mahogany Wood
Neck Material Type Mahogany
Fretboard Material Type Rosewood
Guitar Pickup Configuration S
Hand Orientation Right
Guitar Bridge System Tremolo




Put on your tie-dye shirt and mini-skirt because we’re going back in time to 1963 when the Silvertone 1478 was released! These guitars, which were initially offered through the Sears catalog, were extremely popular among budget-conscious novices. After more than fifty years, the reissued Silvertone Classic 1478 is still a superb performer, with a few modern modifications that make it a very interesting possibility for a sub-$500 guitar.

The genuine Mahogany body has an offset double-cutaway and a maple top for a deep rich tone with top-end bite. The authentic Bigsby® tremolo and movable steel bridge provide perfect intonation and string attack, compared to the original’s rosewood bridge and outdated tremolo mechanism. Two single-coil pickups provide full-sounding open chords as well as snarling lead tones that harken back to the great guitarists of the past.

You’d be disappointed if this guitar didn’t sound old, with a vintage-inspired design, vintage-inspired hardware, and vintage-inspired electronics. However, owing to Silvertone’s efforts to make this reissue as close to the original as possible, it has a distinct ’60s flavor, with a bright and punchy clean tone. By increasing the gain, you may get a great crunch while still staying articulate enough for lead licks and soloing. Naturally, 1478 is ideally suited to surf rock and blues, but the controls make it adaptable enough for a variety of other types.

This improved nostalgic edition will appeal to many guitarists, regardless of ability level, whether you had one as a youngster or are exploring vintage choices for the first time. It’s no surprise that 1478 is still going strong after all these years! It’s simple to play and versatile enough to cover a wide range of genres.

1 review for Silvertone Classic 1478 Electric Guitar

  1. Kenny Baldwin

    This is a very cool guitar. I’ll probably appreciate it more when I set it up and make small changes. The construction quality is amazing, with a solid mahogany body and neck.

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