Takamine EF341SC Pro Series Dreadnought Acoustic-Electric Guitar Black with Case

  • The back and sides are made of maple.
  • Top made of solid cedar
  • Rosewood Fingerboard with Mahogany Neck
  • CT4B II Electronics
  • Glossy Black Finish
Brand Takamine
Color Black
Top Material Type Maple, Cedar
Body Material Cedar; Maple
Back Material Type Maple Wood
Neck Material Type Mahogany
Fretboard Material Type Rosewood
Guitar Pickup Configuration Piezoelectric
Hand Orientation Right
Guitar Bridge System Fixed

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Our pro series facility has been handcrafting precise grade instruments for over five decades, and the EF341SC dreadnought is no exception. Professional artists of many genres have chosen this guitar. This guitar’s flexibility starts with its solid cedar top, which can play delicate soft passages or powerful chords with equal ease. The wood back and sides are excellent reflectors of the soundboard’s tone, and the gloss black finish looks fantastic under stage lighting.

A classic, ultra-strong dovetail joint joins the mahogany neck to the body. Takamine’s palathetic pickup is one of the most accurate and natural-sounding acoustic/electric pickups in the industry.
Taka mine pro artists have long preferred the CT4B preamp, which delivers a warm natural acoustic tone at high sound pressure levels.

With a look like this, you’ll want to take it to the stage, and the EF341SC’s sound and amplification system makes it possible. The solid wood top has a rich, warm tone, and the dreadnought body shape provides plenty of natural projection and bottom end. The CT-4B II preamp preserves the natural acoustic tone of the guitar no matter how loud you play.

4 reviews for Takamine EF341SC | Pro Electro-Acoustic Guitar

  1. Carolyn

    This is the best-sounding acoustic guitar I’ve ever had the pleasure of playing. This guitar is absolute magic, whether you’re playing chords or just picking. If tone and presence are important to you, this guitar is at the top of the heap.

  2. Maverick Becker

    I have one and I adore it! The quality reveals that these were made with great care. It’s not as big as a sitka top, but it’s more defined and well-balanced. When you connect it in, you may add boom. You will not be dissatisfied with this lovely guitar.

  3. Jasmine Huffman

    I’m new at playing the guitar. This guitar was within my budget, and it was a good option. I’d select this again in a heartbeat! The tone and quality are fantastic.

  4. Briana Williamson

    The guitar is incredible. I’m in love. šŸ™‚

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