Traveler Guitar 6 String Acoustic-Electric Guitar, Right, Sunburst, (AG450E SBG)

  • Full-scale acoustic travel guitar with the shortest scale length on the market
  • For enhanced volume and presence, a modified conventional bracing design was used.
  • The built-in tuner and 1/8″ Aux-in port on the preamp let you play along with music from your smartphone.
  • Standard guitar strings are used.
  • Includes deluxe gig bag
  • Hardtail Bridge is a guitar bridge mechanism.
  • piezoelectric pickups are a type of guitar pickup.
Brand Traveler Guitar
Color Sunburst
Top Material Type Spruce
Body Material Mahogany
Back Material Type Mahogany
Neck Material Type Mahogany
Fretboard Material Type Walnut
Guitar Pickup Configuration Piezoelectric
String Material Type Bronze
Hand Orientation Right

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The AG Series combines a cutting-edge tuning mechanism with a smaller body to create a compact, yet playable guitar that is ideal for practice and performance. The StreamlineTM Tuning System from Traveler Guitar removes the need for a headstock. As a consequence, you’ll get the same full-scale playing experience on an instrument that’s shorter and lighter than a standard full-size acoustic guitar. The AG Series is also more balanced than other travel acoustics while maintaining the full-size neck you’ve come to expect.

While several well-known guitar companies offer a travel-friendly model or two, Traveler Guitar is a California-based company dedicated entirely to making excellent travel guitars. Despite its little size, the AG-450EQ (also known as the AG-450E) provides a full-sized playing experience as well as several unique features. When compared to many others in this market, it’s a little price increase, so let’s see if the improved performance is worth the extra money.

The AG-450E is a slam dunk! There are many other compacts or travel-friendly acoustics available for half the price, but if we had to carry a hollow-bodied acoustic with us throughout the world, this would most likely be our choice. Whether it’s worth the money to you depends on how much traveling you expect to do, but it offers decent value thanks to its strong tone, build, and technology.

The AG Series includes a full-scale neck and conventional string spacing, as well as classic embellishments like mahogany back and sides and a solid spruce top. This means that all of your on-the-road practice will effortlessly transfer to your at-home guitar. It has more volume and presence than you’d expect from a travel-sized instrument thanks to its modified conventional bracing arrangement. Furthermore, when plugged in, Shadow’s unique preamp produces a sound so rich that you’ll believe you’re playing a full-sized guitar.

An acoustic-electric travel guitar with all the bells and whistles The Traveler acoustic ag-450e is the world’s smallest full-scale acoustic/electric travel guitar. The Traveler Guitar StreamLine tuning system does away with the necessity for a headstock, resulting in a guitar that is 20% smaller and 36% lighter than full-size acoustics while maintaining the same full-scale playing experience. Furthermore, the modified conventional bracing design adds more volume and presence to a travel-sized instrument than you’d anticipate.

The preamp has a built-in tuner and a 1/8″ Aux-in for jamming with your MP3 player and works with headphones. The ag-450e has a solid spruce top, mahogany back and sides, a gloss Sunburst Top, gloss dark-stained mahogany back, 3-ply cream/black/cream binding, and antique bronze anodized hardware.

This guitar is ideal for travelers who don’t want to compromise on scale length but yet want a small and comfy acoustic guitar. You can carry your full-scale acoustic/electric playing experience everywhere with the new ag-450e from Traveler Guitar. The accompanying luxury gig bag fits comfortably in airplane overhead bins.


Full-Scale Neck

AG-450E Preamp

Streamline Tuning System

AG Series Gig Bag with iPad


The term “full-scale” refers to the fact that it has the same playing surface as a standard-sized guitar, allowing you to enjoy the full-sized playing experience in a considerably smaller container.


Built-In Headphone Amp and Tuner

You’ll always have your tuner with you if you plug in your mobile device to play along with backing tracks through headphones.

Streamline Tuning

Our unique compact tuning mechanism allows the guitar to be 20% shorter and 36% lighter than traditional acoustics.

Deluxe Gig Bag Included

Adjustable shoulder straps and compartments accommodate your iPad, notepad, and other practicing equipment.


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