Yamaha APX600 NA Thin Body Acoustic-Electric Guitar, Natural

  • For outstanding playability, a thin-line cutaway body design is used.
  • For added comfort, the scale length is 25″ and the string spacing is smaller.
  • Increased bass response with a new scalloped bracing design
  • Abalone soundhole rosette
  • Stage-focused pickup system for shaping your sound in the mix
Brand Yamaha
Color Natural
Top Material Type Spruce
Body Material Mahogany
Back Material Type Mahogany
Neck Material Type Mahogany
Fretboard Material Type Rosewood
Guitar Pickup Configuration Piezo
Hand Orientation Right
Guitar Bridge System Fixed




Take the stage by storm

Take the stage by storm

If you were an electric guitarist in the 1980s and wanted to perform acoustic on stage, you had few alternatives. No more screaming feedback lost mics or dreaded long sound checks with Yamaha’s first acoustic guitar, which could be plucked off a guitar rack, plugged in, and played at full volume.

The Yamaha proprietary SRT transducer found in the highly regarded A-Series range, a natural tone, and the feedback rejection and mix-friendly sound guitarists desire are all included in the newest APX600 and AP600FM versions.

The APX’s essence has not changed, despite its changing style. It now has a more natural appearance, a deeper body for improved bass response and loudness, and a new non-scalloped bracing system for a responsive and dynamic tone.

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  1. Skyler Li

    I’d fractured my guitar neck in December and had it fixed, but when I got a request to perform this Sunday, it was humming. I looked for a new one right away on a very tight budget at local retailers, where the options ranged from $400 (not the finest quality) to $1,000 and above!

    As a result, I went online! After hours of searching, I discovered this recently launched model by Yamaha, a respected brand, at half the price of a store-bought model, with features that looked to meet my very specific requirements! The body was thinner, the frets were closer, and the strings were steel, with an electronic tuner and amping. It seemed like a match made in heaven, being tiny with 65-year-old shoulders! I next checked to see whether Amazon, my ever-vigilant online retailer, had it, which they did, and I paid an additional fee to ensure two-day delivery! I waited my 48 hours, excited and with concerns, and received my delivery in 42! It looked fantastic, but I couldn’t get it to work properly.

    I contacted my guitar player friend, who was ecstatic to get the opportunity to view and touch this new release. He said it was far too low tuned, and within three minutes, he had it tuned and creating lovely music in his capable hands! He and another musician in the shop had nothing but positive things to say about my new purchase, so the news is spreading! And my husband (who is a band director) inquired around today and was ecstatic to hear wonderful stories about ownership from parents and coworkers!

    As a result, I went home and played for 90 minutes, both with and without my amplifier. It’s all the reviews claimed it would be, and I love the smaller size and incredible sound! I’ve fought with their sizes my whole playing career (1st Yamaha purchased in 1978 after a no-name in high school)! And I was only able to play a couple of bar chords! My previous guitar was smaller, and I was finally able to master basic bar chords. Now I’m looking for a limitless reach!

    I recommend reading the expert internet evaluations as well as the comprehensive specifications to ensure that this instrument matches your specific requirements! Its size in comparison to yours should undoubtedly be taken into account!

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