Yamaha Pacifica Series PAC112V Electric Guitar; Old Violin Sunburst

  • Body made of solid alder
  • Bolt-On Maple Neck
  • The fingerboard is made of rosewood.
  • Block saddles on a vintage Tremolo
  • Coil tap with a 5-position switch
Brand Yamaha
Color Old Violin Sunburst
Top Material Type Maple
Body Material Alder
Back Material Type Alder Wood
Neck Material Type Maple
Fretboard Material Type Rosewood
Guitar Pickup Configuration H
Hand Orientation Right
Guitar Bridge System Tremolo




Yamaha Pacifica guitars have been one of the greatest electric guitar bargains for over a decade, with superb tone and playability. The Pacifica series, which debuted in 1990, was inspired by the California session scene, which valued flexibility, performance, and originality. The Pacifica series was designed to accommodate a wide range of genres and play styles. Various pickup setups provide a broad range of sound characteristics, ranging from severe distortion to a crisp clean tone.

While many beginners will rush to Squier to fulfill their Strat fantasies, the wise beginning will see that Yamaha’s Pacifica Series offers just as much – if not more – to offer students and seasoned guitarists alike. The Pacifica 112V has been a long-time favorite of the renowned collection, proving to be one of the greatest guitars under $300.

The Yamaha Pacifica 112V delivers a good punch when seen through the lens of cheap electric guitars. This guitar’s humbucker at the bridge is capable of handling gain-rich distortion well, making it a good choice for rock, punk, and metal players. It nevertheless produces warm, crisp cleans, making it a good choice for blues and jazz as well. When you want to muddy up the tone a little, the middle and neck pickups are fantastic, especially with a layer of overdrive on top. This guitar’s entire theme is flexibility, which is reflected in its tone as well.

While the Pacifica 112V isn’t the finest guitar in the world – even in the sub-$300 price range – it is one of the better beginning versions available. It’s dependable, adaptable, enjoyable to use, and stylish. It’s also a step up from the more cheap Yamaha PAC012 in terms of attention to detail and tonewoods, and it’s well worth the additional money if you plan to keep the instrument.

3 reviews for Yamaha Pacifica 112V – Electric Guitar For Beginners

  1. Andrea H.

    This guitar is fantastic in terms of quality and flexibility. It has a nice design, is easy to play, and sounds fantastic. It easily outperforms the competition in its price range and is definitely worth the extra expense over the lesser Yamaha versions.

  2. Marcus O.

    The composition is well-balanced. Excellent craftsmanship. It’s fun to play straight out of the box, but it can be tweaked to your liking if you wish to give it a “setup.” This is an excellent guitar for players of all “Levels.” The cost is really fair. Yamaha did a fantastic job!

  3. Jon

    I bought this as my first guitar, and after ten months of playing and three guitars, I can’t seem to get enough of it. Because it has some very powerful humbuckers, I believe this guitar completely fits everyone’s demands for a beginner. Can jam heavy rock and metal, while also sounding sharp on clean blues tones. The fret spacing is good. Right out of the box, it’s been modified (except the string tuning and action).

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