Yamaha SLG200S TBS Steel String Silent Guitar with Hard Gig Bag, Tobacco Sunburst

  • Steel Strings with a Black Translucent Finish
  • The SLG is ideal for practicing, traveling, or performing on stage when an acoustic guitar isn’t enough.
  • Discrete practice is straightforward with near-silent execution.
  • Through headphones or line-out, Yamaha’s unique SRT-Powered pickup technology provides remarkably realistic acoustic tone.
  • On-board effects of studio quality improve your playing, and line-in functionality makes jamming simple
Brand Yamaha
Color Tobacco Sunburst
Top Material Type Maple
Body Material Mahogany
Back Material Type Mahogany
Neck Material Type Mahogany
Fretboard Material Type Rosewood
Guitar Pickup Configuration Piezoelectric
String Material Type Steel
Hand Orientation Right

Unboxing + Review



whatever your reason for wanting a travel-friendly guitar, The steel-stringed SLG200S from Yamaha offers a full-size experience with lots of tone and versatility. Is it worth the additional money because it’s one of the more costly models on our list of the best acoustic travel guitars?

Sound? On a guitar that is completely silent? Yes, of course! Obviously there’s not much natural resonance, but over headphones or an amp the guitar delivers a naturally warm acoustic tone, which can be mixed and modified to your desire owing to the multitude of settings. The effects are fun to experiment with, but whether they’d be more helpful than specialist effects pedals is debatable. Feedback is eliminated thanks to the guitar’s construction, which is ideal for the gigging musician. The main disadvantage of this model is that it must be connected to an amplifier in order to be heard.

The SLG is ideal for practicing, traveling, or performing on stage when an acoustic guitar isn’t enough. Yamaha’s unique SRT-Powered pickup technology provides wonderfully realistic acoustic tone through headphones or line-out, studio-quality on-board effects improve your playing to perfection, and line-in functionality makes jamming effortless. SLG has a rosewood and maple framed full-size foldable body that allows you to play whenever and wherever inspiration strikes.

The Yamaha SLG200S is ideal for travel – whether by airline, train, or automobile – and is a reliable performer as long as you don’t abuse it. The sound is quite similar to that of a full-size acoustic when plugged in, albeit it lacks the natural resonance and low-end of, instance, a solid mahogany acoustic. Nonetheless, the modifications are minor, and the SLG200S is a great guitar for everyday usage.

SRT Powered is a revolutionary technology that aims to replicate the acoustic guitar’s body resonance in a bodyless instrument. SRT Powered was created in collaboration with recording artists to produce a system suited to the specific characteristics of the new SLG body and modeled after the tones of a high-end Yamaha acoustic guitar taken in a professional recording studio setting using a carefully selected microphone.

Yamaha allows players to enjoy the real body resonance and tone of an acoustic guitar without the need for a microphone while recording by accurately replicating the sound of an acoustic guitar—right down to its natural sustain and decay. The sound of SRT Powered may also be combined with the sound of the instrument’s piezo pickups, giving guitarists even more creative freedom.


The SLG’s compact body provides excellent playability and allows players to easily convert from acoustic to electric guitar if necessary.


The detachable top part of the SLG’s structure enables more mobility and utility than a traditional guitar. The supplied luxury gigbag is lightweight and easily fits into an airplane overhead compartment with plenty to spare.


The SLG design is the product of a collaboration between the project team and the Yamaha Design Laboratory, and it mixes conventional guitar lines with an original new form unlike any other guitar before it.


The SLG’s bodiless design produces a natural, peaceful sound that allows guitarists to practice late at night or perform in the living room when the family is there without disturbing others. The SLG200S is 80% quieter than a traditional acoustic guitar.

5 reviews for Yamaha SLG200S Silent | Electro Acoustic Guitar

  1. Hezekiah D.

    It’s small, portable, and it sounds great. The on-off button is a little hard (just read the instructions or watch an unboxing and review or demo video); to turn the guitar on, you must hold it for a second or two, just as you would turn it off. I adore the item now that I’ve found that out.

  2. アパート住まいでも弾きたい方へ


  3. Chris

    The best guitar I’ve ever purchased. It’s as if you’re playing both an acoustic and an electric guitar at the same time. I can utilize the inbuilt amp tone or my Garage Band amp collection on my iPhone/iPad.

  4. The Rock

    I love it. This is an absolutely awesome guitar

  5. Gabriel Parrish

    It’s a lot heavier than I anticipated, and it’s a bit odd for a classical guitar. It arrived with a strap that didn’t fit the guitar and couldn’t be used. Also, the nut and saddle set-up was terrible—essentially it’s unplayable out of the box, but that’s something that can be fixed. The sound electronics, on the other hand, appear to be rather decent. I bought a Soloette the last time I traveled across the world and sold it as soon as I returned home because I despised it. Staying at home and playing a nice guitar could be the best option.

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